The GnA is based on an independent platform technology. This means

  • Platform independent: It is cross platform compatible, it will run on Windows, macOS, Linux etc (server and client)
  • Database independent: The database scheme is generic and can run on different database providers
  • Docker based: Docker can be utilized to encapsulate the software, making it easier to deploy and run across different platforms.
  • Host independent: The solution can be self hosted or hosted on the cloud
  • Com independent: The solution supports multiple com channels

Avionworx provides libraries and services that can be used outside GnA
  • GnA.Iata - SSIM parser writer library NuGet GitHub
  • GnA.Legality - Rules engine library/service Demo
Current build status of GnA
  • GnA Admin : 2024.05.22.2077 ok
  • GnA App : 2024.05.22.2077 ok
  • GnA.Iata : 2024.05.26.97
  • GnA Data Service : 2023.12.13.0
  • GnA Legality Service : 2024.05.06.43
  • GnA Messges Service : 2024.03.28.4
  • GnA Optimization Service : 2024.05.20.65

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