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Avionworx News
Global - Tuesday May 28, 2024 - Addressing all airlines
aero domain

by AvionworxMay 21

Avionworx secures .aero domain for hosting platform!
We are thrilled to announce that Avionworx has successfully acquired an .aero domain, specifically designated for organizations operating within the airline industry. This strategic move allows us to leverage this specialized domain for our hosting platform, where we will host our innovative products and services tailored to the aviation sector.

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Demo site

by PerApril 26

Discover Avionworx's new business rule engine! Effortlessly import rules from the likes of Microsoft, RAIDO, and more. Our AI integration analyzes existing data systems. Explore our rule demo and share your feedback. While we showcase Flight Time Limitations, our rule engine's potential goes far beyond. Just think what Copernicus, Newton and Einstein could do with tools like this....
Demo site


by RichMarch 28

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. On behalf of the entire Avionworx crew, I'd like to extend a warm welcome aboard our inaugural flight AVX001 bound for GnA. We're absolutely..."
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Avionworx on LinkedIn

by RichMarch 05

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Avionworx is alive

by NilsMarch 01

Alive and fun working again

Welcome to explore the world of Avionworx, the site has different views of what we are developing focusing on the timetable creation and operations.

SSIM library released!

by MarcinJanuary 25

Avionworx released a .NET library which can parse and generate IATA SSIM Chapter 7 files.

read write parse iata ssim with C#
Is Blazor the future?

by AvionworxDecember 16


We don't know if this is the future, but it's really great piece of technology. We think it has the simplest development model.
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Avionworx created

by AvionworxAugust 18

Avionworx company registerd. Kävlinge, Sweden, Europe, Earth.

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