Our GnA software is designed with a primary focus on central airline data, specifically the timetable. It caters to the diverse needs of airlines with varying operations, unique data types, and specific requirements. GnA ensures accessibility on different platforms for users of all kinds. The software encompasses a toolbox featuring a range of tools applicable across different timelines or selectively used based on specific needs. Users can leverage a library of reusable components, promoting efficiency in timetable creation and maintaining consistency. These combined features position our GnA software as a versatile and robust tool in the aviation industry. It not only provides essential automation, optimization, and AI support but also underscores the significance of visualization, user-friendly input/output processes, and effective tools for comparison and analysis.

This comprehensive approach aims to elevate the overall user experience and decision-making capabilities for airline professionals.

So why GnA? In Norse mythology, Gná, a messenger goddess, would run errands between worlds for Frigg, the Aesir queen, using her flying horse, Hófvarpnir. This emphasizes her role in facilitating divine communication. Just as Gná streamlines communication between realms, Gna software aims to enhance processes and communication in its domain. The flying horse symbolizes swift movement, suggesting the software enables effective communication across platforms or domains.



Avionworx company created

The Avionworx company is created. 5 founding members joins forces to create a new fresh company which mainly will focus on developing software for the airline industry


SSIM Parser and SSIM Generator NuGet

We release our first software package. A .NET library which can parse and generate IATA SSIM files


Avionworx.com is alive

The Avionworx.com website is now public, it will be developed during the comming months and have regular information updates regarding the company and our software.


Our LinkedIn page is public

Our first social media platforms are live, please do follow us on these platforms to get regular updates regarding our progress!


The first Avionworx service is released Demo

Our first service, rules engine, tailored to execute various business rules in runtime environments


The 2nd Avionworx service is public

Our 2nd service, a tail assign function which can be used to send in flightdata and aircraft data to rotate flightlegs on aircrafts, is public from this day


The dawn of a new era, GNA has seen first daylight

We are proud to develop a software for timetable plannig and operation. This is a first beta version


GNA Demo sessions

You can now book demo sessions for GNA


GNA Release candidate V1

The first release candidate of GNA has been compiled


Version 1.0.0 of GNA is released

The version 1.0.0 of GNA has been released is is ready to be used!

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